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NDIS Specialised Driver Training

​Learning to drive is an essential step toward independence! With Yarra City Driving School.

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If you need any assistance with filling our a Participant Form, we are available to help during AEST Business Hours on +61 (415) 444-488

NDIS Registered Driving Instructors

We protect personally identifiable information (PII) such as addresses and passport information with an additional layer of protection.


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We offer specialised driver training for individuals with common disabilities, including but not limited to: Autism PTSD anxiety Hearing impairments

  • Our driving instructors provide personalized driver training tailored to the specific needs and abilities of NDIS participants. We focus on building confidence, developing essential driving skills, and ensuring road safety.

  • We offer specialized driver training to individuals with specific disabilities, such as physical impairments, sensory impairments, or cognitive challenges. Our instructors have the expertise to address unique challenges and provide the necessary support for successful driver training.

  • Yarra City Driving School is a registered NDIS provider, which means eligible participants may be able to use their NDIS funding to cover the cost of driving lessons and driver training services.

  • Booking an NDIS driving lesson online  is quick and easy. Just follow these straightforward steps:

    1. Decide on your preferred lesson time: Select the time that aligns perfectly with your schedule and budget.

    2. If you've already completed an NDIS application form at Yarra City Driving School, your chosen time will be promptly confirmed by your dedicated driving instructor.

    3. If you haven't filled out the NDIS application form or don't possess an NDIS plan, there's no need to fret. Simply pick your preferred time slot, and upon making the payment through the link sent to your email or via SMS, your experienced driving instructor will swiftly confirm your booking.

    At Yarra City Driving School, we're firm believers in the dynamic combination of learning, excellence, and innovative teaching methods, all aimed at paving the road to your driving success.

  • Duration

    • Decide on your preferred lesson time: Select the time that aligns perfectly with your schedule and budget.